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Build Your Own Wings and Fly


  Human beings are the only ones that can evolve to be better ones.  No matter how poor, unskilled, or how introvert you think you are, you can grow your wings and take off. History has numerous heroes who, in their lifetime, have proved that nothing can stop a human being from ascending the heights of greatness and achieve one’s own dream.  Here are Three of my heroes who taught me that I can grow                                                                                  my own wings.



Today is International Reading Day. On this special day dedicated for reading, I would like to share some of noble thoughts about the habit of reading and the usefulness of collecting needed knowledge from that knowledge data center.     



When Your Dreams Come True

Most of us have dreams and visions about our life. We like to see our dreams bearing fruits in the near future. Yet, many  of the times we see that only a few human beings bring their dreams to fruition. How do they achieve their dreams? How can we realize our dreams too? These questions are answered by the latest development in science; Quantum Physics in particular. 




thinkig-girl-on-the-stairs-girl-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-30329 These days ‘The Law of Attraction makes much hipes in the motivational, mind-power industries. Many are talking about it and so many more have heard a lot about it. So many  took it verbatim and believed blindly. Others  raised skeptical questions. ‘How can thinking positive thoughts and being grateful for whatever you have received  attract people and things into your life?’ ‘Is it a whitemagic where the ‘good ghosts’ come to help the peple who think positive thoughts, like the genie in the Aladin’s lamp?’ Very little do we know the science behind the Law of Attraction. I did a little research, reading a couple of boos including ‘The Secret’ and looked into many websites. I found the result very interesting. Here is the science of Law of Attraction(LOA).

gift 1    Giving a gift to others is surely an excellent art of kindness. but we often forget to gift ourselves. Why not give a gift to yourself for some good deeds you have done!!  May be for being honest even when  there was none with you, or successfully completing your daily plan. Gifting yourself gives inspiration and boost to get the next endeavors accomplished. But gifts need not be expensive. You can gift yourself with gifts  that do not cost you a penny, yet that can benefit you to get to the next level. Here are some zero budget gift ideas you can give yourself.



?????????Acts of kindness have great impact on the lives of people who receive it or even witness it. I ha such an impact on my life when an unexpected person helped me, where even my best turned me down by rendering her notebook to study for the imminent exam. That day I decided to be a man of helpfulness and of gratitude. Here are a few simple steps to show kindness to the other just to let them know that somebody cares for them.





relaxing_at_the_spa-1493426 copy

                        Gratitude is the greatest of all attitudes. How many of you really know the positive impact gratitude on our health and well being? Not many. Here are those not-much-explored truth about gratitude. ‘May I Help You’ is A Healthy Talk: Why Gratitude is Healthy!





perfect-gifts copy

Giving is a virtue. It has been cnsidered so even form the ancient times. We can trace this virtue is being praised even in Mahabharata when Krishna speaks of the Niskamakarma (giving without expecting anything in retrun) to  Arjuna. Giving something to someone with the intention of getting back is nothing but barter system or a business. It becomes a virtue, when we give without expectiong anything in return. Here are some of the benefits of giving.

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All of us want to be successful in whatever we do. No one likes to be a failure. Yet, very few people succeed and majority of  others do not get the result what they expect. Why is it so? Its it luck that drives the few to success?  Or did they come from  ‘success’ families? Can any one succeed despite of ones status quo? Here are some of the secrets that fount their place in the mind of winners.          

                                                                                                                    Inside the Mind of a Winner: Decoding the Secrets of   Success 

girl-bokeh-hair-style copyThinking creatively is an essential habit of any successful man. Whether one is a businessman, a programmer, family person or even a farmer, one needs to be a creative thinker.. What does it mean by ‘Creative Thinking‘? Creative thinking means thinking the thoughts that are ‘creative’ and not ‘destructive’. Many at times we have heard or seen people saying, “Tom is a creative man”, “Jeff is a seat of creativity”. We wonder how those Toms and Jeff got that thing – ‘Creativity’! Here are some of the benefits and hows of Creative Thinking.

Thinking Creatively: Benefits and Hows of Creative Thinking

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