Thoughts become things


“With our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha

            Our world is our own construct. We create our own world. Some of us may have a contention over this idea like I did years ago when I first heard of it. Can someone create one’s own world? Yes, that is what quantum scientists and meta-physicians say.

Speaking of creating one’s world, we should first know the quantum physics principle that everything is energy. We all thought, as we have been taught, that things are really ‘things’. There are solid things and liquid ones. We thought all the way that they are the final entities. But quantum physics tell us the fact that everything in the universe is energy and there is no such a thing as ‘thing’ be it in solid, liquid or gaseous state.

What we see is an apparent reality of nature. We believe that all that we see are out there as they are in their final structure. But, when we look deep into all the matter what we see is nothing but energy. To better understand this concept we can inspect the basic elements of a solid object, say an apple. We cut the apple into two and we get is two pieces of apple. We keep on cutting it, we reach at its cellular level. What are those cells made up of? Atoms. Divide atom and what you see are neutron, proton and electron revolving around the nucleus. At this level of matter, we know that nucleus and other sub atomic particles are much tinier than the atom itself. It is like a few marbles placed inside a football. Rest of the place in the atom is empty. And again if you delve into the nucleus of the atom, what see would be pure energy. So the most basic building material of any object is energy,

How thoughts create our world?

Do you know that a person has an average of 60000 – 70000 thoughts a day? Yes, you do too. And the studies show that most of the people run mostly negative thoughts through their mind. When you have a thought crossed your mind, your brain broadcasts energy of particular frequency. Since like energy attracts like energy, it attracts the energy of same frequency. If you leave out positive energy, you can attract positive energy. If you emit negative energy, guess what you attract.

How can you create positive thoughts to attract positive thoughts?

No matter how negative you are now, you can be a positive person by practicing a few mind techniques.

  1. Affirmations

Affirmations are the little statements in present tense whatever you want to be or achieve in the near future. It can be used to attract money, an ideal partner, good job, happiness or fulfilling your dream. If you want to be a positive person affirm yourself:- I am a positive person over and over again. If you want to attract an ideal partner, repeat the affirmations like this one:- I attract my ideal life partner who is loving, beautiful, faithful, caring and who is in perfect harmony with my imagination. I promise him/her my love, care, faithfulness, prosperity and a happy life. I attract my ideal companion now. Create your own affirmations according to your need.

  1. Vision Board


Vision Board is a tool to manifest whatever you want in life. To make a vision board, cut out pictures from the old magazines or newspapers whatever you want in life. Stick them together on a chart paper and paste in your room. Look into it very often. Your subconscious mind works on images and the images in the vision board will urge you to achieve whatever you see in the vision board.

  1. Read Positive


When you read, your mind captures the idea you read. So, prefer positive literature for your reading. You can select from motivation, self-help and biography genre to keep you positive.

  1. Meditate


Meditation is a great tool for letting the stress out and keep you relaxed. Only from a relaxed mind comes positive thoughts, plus meditation has amazing health benefits. Try out transcendental meditation and see the result.

                        Now you know why it is said, “think positive.”  If you want to have a positive, happy and prosperous life, think in terms of positive, happy and prosperous thoughts. You will be amazed at the results you get.




Most of us have dreams and visions about our life. We like to see our dreams bearing fruits in the near future. Yet, many of the times  we see that only a few human beings bring their dreams to fruition. How do they achieve their dreams? How can we realize our dreams too? These questions are answered by the latest development in science; Quantum Physics in particular. 


Why should you have a dream?

Anyone who had climbed the heights of greatness had their dreams with pristine clarity in their mind.  The dream gave them motivation, energy and sense of purpose  that propelled them towards their dream. It was the dream that gave meaning to their lives. As Martin Luther King once said, “If you haven’t found something worth dying for, you aren’t fit to be living.” You should be willing to do anything, go any mile to achieve your dream. It is the dream that gives us motivation.

How your dreams come true? 

It is not enough to have a dream somewhere in a corner of your  head. A dream should be clearly imagined, or envisioned in your imagination. This picture of your dream must be in pristine clear clarity. It should be in a precise time line. Above all, one should believe in the dream that one day the dream is going to be realized. One needs to add emotion and faith to the act of dreaming to make it happen sooner. The dreaming has a three aspect, says Gregg Braden, internationally acclaimed author and scientist in his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. 

Beginning               ————–            Thought. A dream begins with a thought.

Work                      —————     Emotion: A dream begins to be in effect when emotions are associated with dream.                                                                                Experience as though you have already realized your dream. For                                                                                            example, If you are dreaming for a car, feel and behave as though you                                                                                    own a car.

Completion             —————     Feeling and Belief: You are 100% sure that your dreams are attained in the near                                                                                    future.


Inside the Mind of a Winner: Decoding the Secrets of Success

                 “Success outside precedes success inside”

successful-man copy


All of us want to be successful in whatever we do. No one likes to be a failure. Yet, very few people succeed and majority of  others do not get the result what they expect. Why is it so? Its it luck that drives the few to success?  Or did they come from  ‘success’ families? Can any one succeed despite of ones status quo? Here are some of the secrets that fount their place in the mind of winners.

Secret #1. Success is not a luck, it is a mind set

Many people consider success as something happening to few people accidentally, as thought it chooses people at random.  But in actuality it is not so. How can I defend my argument? If we look at any successful person in any field, be it in sports, business, education, e can see that they continue to succeed. If luck was the reason of their success, then they would not have succeeded for the second time. Then what is actually going on there?  As I had said, success is an attitude, a mindset. This is the primary thing we should need to succeed. It is an indomitable will, desire to succeed. Why should you have a great desire? Then what do you think is get us going when the  road blocks appear on our way to succeed! It fuels up our journey and gives the power to continue without giving up.

                                                           “Your attitude determines your altitude”

Secret #2. Plan Your Success

man-planning1 copy

All successful people out there you admire have a specific and well set action plan. They do know  what they want in life and how they can get there systematically. To have a success plan first you need to define success. What dies it mean by success for you? Different people have varying definition for success. Is it amassing wealth? Or excelling in whatever you do? fo me it is the excellence in whatever I do. Once you excel in your domain, other resources will follow. Once you have a definition of success, thn you need to make a plan for your success. It is the ‘how-to-get-there’ guide. How do you formulate one? Seek advice of a mentor who has already achieved success as per your definition. You can find millions of books out there regarding success. Once you have found what you want in life, you need to put it in black and white. Leadership guru ROBIN SHARMA in his extra ordinary book THE GREATNESS GUIDE 2  explains about the importance of writing down your plan on  a clean crisp white sheet. When you write your plans and goals down, your awareness about them heightens. He says, “Give yourself a gift. Take out a nice, crisp white sheet of paper. Sharpen a pencil. And, then start writing about the work and home you desire to create. It is a lot easier than you think. And the results will stun you.”

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Secret #3. Take Action

             Action has its magic in it. Action takes one from ones plan to reality. Imagine you had great plans and had no action at all? What kind of success will you attain? You will be very successful as the biggest failure. So to realize your plans and dreams you need to take those steps. It is said, “The humblest of actions are better than the noblest of desires.” Be a doer, not merely a preacher. People love to be with doers. If you don’t take your feet into actions, you are going to regret soon. Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed  by the things you did not do than by the ones you did. So throw off the  bowlines. Sail way in you sail. Explore. Dream. Desire” That is true success.

“This world of ours is full of great thinkers who never realized their greatness” – Robin Sharma, The Greatness Guide.

Secret #4. Have a Vision of Life

woman-thinking-1 copy

              Having a vision is setting  a goal and determine to achieve it in a limited time frame. Now you know what you want in life and how to get there. It is equally important by when you would reach there. How much time is needed to reach up to your destination. Here is the role of vision. Vision can be a statement regarding achieving your goal. “I want to be a millionaire by Dec 25, 2017” is a great example. All successful people know and they do it. A great example to look upon is Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the nation of India). He had a clear cut vision of an independent India. He achieved it when he imparted his vision to people. The world will cooperate with you, when you have a great vision. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King! They all teach us the power of vision.

Secret #5. The Process Matters, and not always the End

2e07fcf copy

                   When one sets out for the journey of success, it is likely that one zeroes in on the result. IT is easy to be drifted away by the stunning allure of the outcome to receive. It can make persons to do anything for the outcome. But remember ther ‘success’ achieved through some devious methods is not success at all. Always r ember having an honest means is more important than having unfair success. International spiritual leader RYUHO OKAWA in INVINCIBLE THINKING speaks of th means, ” Do not fall into the trap of focusing solely on results. The most important thing about success is the way that people live in the process of achieving it. The means as just as important as the end.”

                               So a truly successful person is a success within and a success without. Be an authentic person than a fake one. For fake face will fall off one day, and you will be shown to the whole world as a double faced man. It is always better to be true and authentic.

girl-bokeh-hair-style copyThinking creatively is an essential habit of any successful man. Whether one is a businessman, a programmer, family person or even a farmer, one needs to be a creative thinker.. What does it mean by ‘Creative Thinking‘? Creative thinking means thinking the thoughts that are ‘creative’ and not ‘destructive’. Many at times we have heard or seen people saying, “Tom is a creative man”, “Jeff is a seat of creativity”. We wonder how those Toms and Jeff got that thing – ‘Creativity’! Here are some of the benefits and hows of Creative Thinking.

Benefits of Creative Thinking

#1. Brings out Great Result

Thoughts become reality. What we think we become. If we think great thoughts, we will become great ones. If you think the other way, opposite will be the result. Because thoughts are nothing but ‘virtual reality’ of what  is to come. It is the blue print of actions. Good thoughts lead to good action, and good action to habit and then to a good habit and a great life.

#2. Increases Inherent Abilities

Every human being possesses inherent abilities by birth. Some are artistic by birth, some are scientific. Some have great proficiency over language while others are good observers. The bad news is that we posses very few of them by birth – one or two to number. And the good news is that we can nurture them within ourselves. Being creative, we can stretch our boundaries. This is the peculiar nature of human beings.

#3. Brings about Better Habits 

How do good habits make their way into your life? By continuous thinking of good thoughts. It is same with bad habits as well. Creative thinking in constancy surely changes ones habits and the belief system.

How can You be an Effective Creative Thinker

Anyone who aspires can be a creative thinker. It is not a title, remember, it is a process. Process of becoming more advanced in creativity. Here are some of the steps that will take you to the realm of Creative Thinking.

#1. Keep an ‘I Can’ Attitude

Having faith and confidence in yourself is an integral part of being creative. Believing that you can do a task despite of all odds might demand a great deal of courage. Muster that courage you require and say loud, ” I can, I can”. Universe conspires with  to bring success to the ones who believe in themselves.

#2. Be Ready to Take Risks

Taking risk is nothing but being ready to jump into the arena where you have never trodden before, /when you are ready to take risks, you will boost up your self-confidence and courage which will energize you on the way.

#3. Brainstorm Yourself

girl white

Brainstorming is ‘shaking your brain’. What happens when you brainstorm? Your hidden ideas tend to emerge. A creative person is expected to bring out fresh and versatile ideas. How can you brainstorm> Meditation is a great tool. Asking the question “How effectively can I bring out this idea?” might be another way of doing it. Discover new ones that suit your thinking pattern,

#4. Associate with Creative People

As happiness is contagious, so is creativity. All are unique and all have their unique share of creativity. When you associate with unique people you learn to think like them, apart from your pattern of thinking. Make couple of creative friends, and observe how do they bring out creativity.

#5. Trial and Error

Visualize different ways of doing a thing differently. Ask yourself, “How can I do it many different ways?” Choose the best from your imagination and work on it. Visualizing has great power over reality. Try out some and if they don’t seem to be a suitable one then try another one. If plan ‘A’ does not work, there are 25 more  alphabets are there in English. Moreover, persevere in whatever you do.

Thinking Creatively: Benefits and Hows of Creative Thinking

Notice the beauty around you

    Today,one of the most heard vocabularies is “busy”. Due to the pressing jobs and responsibilities that are related to our own family, we seem to be very busy. Most people don’t look around to savour the beauty around. When I speak of beauty,  most of the people have an image of a beautiful girl in their mind. Even though beauty includes this,  beauty is much more than that.
     For example looking at the plush green medow gives us lot of joy. This world is full of beauty. Only one has to find the time and a beauty-seeking mind to enjoy it.

Here are some of the benefits of turning to nature for enjoying beauty.

1.  It Reminds Us of The Creator

   Nature is a great reminder of the existence of the Ultimate Force. “Ex nihilo nihil fit” (nothing comes out of nothing) is a philosophical argument pushed forward by the great philosopher Parmanedes. Thus when we think with this ancient wisdom,  we understand the great mystery of God behind every blade of grass.

2.  Refreshes Your Mind

          Your mental health can be improved by the interaction with nature. Studies conducted in Stanford University shows that people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural area, as opposed to participants who walked in a high-traffic urban setting, showed decreased activity in a region of the brain associated with a key factor in depression.

3.   Nature and Your Health

          Being with nature not only makes you a lover of beauty,  it also helps you improve your health. Ming Kuo of the University of Illinois states that being close to nature reduces ailments and improves health.

4. Relaxes Your Mind

   This morning I was taking a walk and found this beautiful, large tree covered with pink-white blooms. It not only attracted my attention, but made me stand there, looking at the beauty of it. When I moved on, I was feeling a great sense of relaxation and filled my heart with joy.

5. Makes you aware that you are beautiful too.

Nature is a beautiful creations and so are we. The very fact that we are an integral part of nature, we too share in its beauty. No matter how your face is, you are beyond measure. Try to see the hidden beauty in you, try to see.

So next time you take a walk around your street, notice the blooming tree, the dandelion bloom hovering around you in the air, and a white, fluffy bunny gazing at you, take a short break and meditate over the beauty of the things around us. I am sure you will change your perspective of life.

Don’t Wish It was Easier; Wish You were Better


                                       Who is the human being that has never come across with the daunting difficulties in life? Be it disease, death of a loved one, financial breakdown, divorce; all of us have experienced our ‘dark days.’  How you deal with those situations proves you to be a superior or an inferior one. As it is said, no circumstances have effect on you, but your responses to those circumstances.  Say you failed in an examination or in a job interview. Most of the time people blame themselves or others or their circumstances for their failure. But look at the superior human beings we call the great ones of the history, we can see that they never blamed themselves, others nor their circumstances. They took a lesson from their mistakes or so called failures and set out to be better ones to reach for their stars.

                                 The heading above is given by America’s great business philosopher and millionaire, Jim Rohn. In one of his talks he insists people to be better and not their circumstances to  improve. This invokes the memories of Thomas Alva Edison. Edison said to have failed more than 1000 times when he was trying to invent electric bulb. When he was asked how he managed to survive those many failures, he responded, “ I never failed, I learned one more way in which an electric bulb doesn’t work.” That is called positive thinking. Another time his laboratory caught fire and he lost all of his inventions. He had all the right to quit. But, walking on those ash heaps,  he took a wow to start from the zero again.  That proved him not only as a great inventor, but as a strong human being too.

                                 Jim Rohn’s life was no different. When he was 25, the only one job he knew was milking cows. He was married, had children and  broke.  His meeting with his mentor  turned his life. He learnt how to go from failure to success. One of the most valuable lessons we all should learn is how to manage our failures before we celebrate our success. As it is said, “Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” How enthusiastic are you?


Build Your Own Wings and Fly


Human beings are the only ones that can evolve to be better ones.  No matter how poor, unskilled, or how introvert you think you are, you can grow your wings and take off. History has numerous heroes who, in their lifetime, have proved that nothing can stop a human being from ascending the heights of greatness and achieve one’s own dream.  Here are Three of my heroes who taught me that I can grow my own wings.

1. Oprah Winfrey


              Famed American television host, actress, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi. After a troubled adolescence in a small farming community, where she was sexually abused by a number of male relatives and friends of her mother, Vernita, she moved to Nashville to live with her father, Vernon, a barber and businessman. In 1976, Oprah Winfrey moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where she hosted the TV chat show People Are Talking. The show became a hit and Winfrey stayed with it for eight years, after which she was recruited by a Chicago TV station to host her own morning show, A.M. Chicago. Her major competitor in the time slot was Phil Donahue. Within several months, Winfrey’s open, warm-hearted personal style had won her 100,000 more viewers than Donahue and had taken her show from last place to first in the ratings. Her success led to nationwide fame and a role in Steven Spielberg’s 1985 filmThe Color Purple, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Winfrey launched the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986 as a nationally syndicated program. With its placement on 120 channels and an audience of 10 million people, the show grossed $125 million by the end of its first year, of which Winfrey received $30 million. She soon gained ownership of the program from ABC, drawing it under the control of her new production company, Harpo Productions (‘Oprah’ spelled backwards) and making more and more money from syndication. As of today (1/30/2016) her nett earning is over $3 Billion. Her story reminds us of how much more we can spring into greatness.

Lesson: Believe in your dream.

2. Jack Canfield


Jack Canfield is a co-creator of ‘The Chicken Soup’ series. He is a Times international bestselling author and a Law of Attraction expert.  He had an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father. His mother divorced his father and thus he had a bitter childhood. When he began to take his life in his own hand, he began to improve his life. But when his first book, ‘The Chicken Soup’ series came out and no one would publish it. R ejected by more than 130 publishers, Chicken Soup for the Soul became a worldwide sensation only because of persistence. When others might have given up, Chicken Soup creator Jack Canfield pushed on—just as he advises others to do. “People told Elvis he couldn’t sing. People said the Beatles were no good,” he says. He persisted and believed in his dream and thus he succeeded.

Lesson: Persistence is worth practising.

3. Dale Carnegie



Writer; lecturer. Born as Dale Carnagey on November 24, 1888, in Maryville, Missouri. His parents, James William and Amanda Elizabeth Carnagey, were impoverished farmers. When Carnegie was in middle school, his family moved to Warrensburg, Missouri. As a boy, Carnegie was unskilled in athletics but learned that he could still make friends and earn respect because he had a way with words. In high school, he frequently attended Chautauqua assemblies. These events brought entertainment to rural communities throughout the country and featured popular speakers, musicians, entertainers and preachers. Carnegie was so inspired by a number of the speakers he heard at these gatherings that he decided to join the school debate team, where he became a skillful orator. Soon he realized that how he can make a living on what he loved to do. He polished his skill as an orator and helped myriads of people on public speaking. His bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People along with many other title inspires many.

Lesson: Find out what you love and make a living out of it.

  Learn from these hero and the lesson they teach us. They remind us that it is important to be optimistic and hardworking at the same time. We are often weighed down by the fear of fear and the anxiety of what others might think. Let none of these stop you from achieving your dream. When fear comes into your way, squarely look at the fear and walk towards it. You can see it run away.

Read Out Loud

“If you have not read today, you have not lived today.” – Robin Sharma, author of international best seller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


Today is International Reading Day. On this special day dedicated for reading, I would like to share some of noble thoughts about the habit of reading and the usefulness of collecting needed knowledge from that knowledge data center.      

       Down from the past, reading has been acclaimed as a noble practice and an ideal habit to nurture. Reading is nothing but gaining invaluable and great knowledge from the great people who made history in the world. It is thinking with the author and getting a ‘course’ from the one who wrote the book on his or her expertise. I stumbled upon the habit of reading when I accidently encountered the best book I have ever read, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, from my favorite author, Robin Sharma. It was a life changing experience. The day I read this book, I started to see the beauty of reading books and began to search for good books in the genre of motivation and positive thinking where ever I went. So today I have a great collection of books in this genre. When I look back and reflect what these books have contributed to my life, I see a great many things they helped me with. Few of those things are mentioned below. #1. Better Thinking

woman-thinking-1 copy

Good books help you think better and think clearly. It is because you think what you feed your mind with. If you feed your mind with a lot of positive stuff, you store your mind’s data centre with positivity. On the other hand, if you stuff your mind with a lot of negative stuff, don’t blame your mind for bringing out negative outcome. Needless to say, my thinking has been greatly benefitted positively from those great books.

#2. Great Books Take You to other Books Another good thing about books is that they take you to other great books. When I read my first-ever-complete-read book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I came across another epic, The Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho. This great books do keep a networking and do refer us to great other books. It is much similar to chain reaction.

#3. Reading Gives You Buddies It is an interesting fact. I have got some friends just because they were readers. I remember recently, I was in a Railway Reservation Counter. I knew it would be a long queue, so I took a book along with me. And the guy who stood next to me had a book too. He was reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Family by Steven Covey. We began our conversation on the books we read. Today I have one more reader friend.

#4. Books Give You Great People as Your Friends Yes, you heard me right. They give you great men and women as your friends. And they will be in your room. I have my great friends from Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Joseph Murphy, Ryuho Okawa, Napoleon Hill, David Schwarz, Josteen Gaarder, Benjamin Graham, Dale Carnegie, Rhronda Byrne, Dr. P P Vijayan, Fr. Roby Adapoor MST, Chetan Bhagat, Fr. Mathew Chandrankunnel CMI, Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden, Heinz Pagels, James Allen and many others. It is exciting to have great and famous people as your friends #5. Books Teach You Life’s Lessons Books are the best sources to learn million dollar worth ideas in a couple of dollars. These books are written by great souls who walked the planet and they want to share their experiments with their life (Try reading Gandhi, My Experiments with Life). You cannot get those valuable ideas and advices anywhere on the planet.

#6. Keep You Young at Heart


From my experience, I found another truth about reading books is that they keep you young at heart (and sometimes at body too). You can never get too old to read (well, can get blind but can read if you know Braille).

#7. My Best Reads (Must Reads)

girl-bokeh-hair-style copy

Anyone who want to learn what life is all about and how to live, I recommend these books. These are from my library.

  1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma
  2. Who will Cry When You die – Robin Sharma
  3. The Magic of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz
  4. The Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino
  5. As A Man Thinketh – James Allen
  6. The Leader in You – Dale Carnegie
  7. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn – John Maxwell
  8. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  9. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy
  10. The Chicken Soup for the soul – Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
  11. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  12. The Honeymoon Effect – Bruce Lipton

  On this great day, let us take a pledge to read at least a few pages from a good book in the morning daily. It will brighten up your day without any doubt.

Why You Should Think Positively: The Science of Attracting People into Your Life


These days ‘The Law of Attraction makes much hipes in the motivational, mind-power industries. Many are talking about it and so many more have heard a lot about it. So many  took it verbatim and believed blindly. Others  raised skeptical questions. ‘How can thinking positive thoughts and being grateful for whatever you have received  attract people and things into your life?’ ‘Is it a whitemagic where the ‘good ghosts’ come to help the peple who think positive thoughts, like the genie in the Aladin’s lamp?’ Very little do we know the science behind the Law of Attraction. I did a little research, reading a couple of books  including ‘The Secret’ and looked into many websites. I found the result very interesting. Here is the science of Law of Attraction(LOA).

What is Law of Attraction (LOA)?


The Law of Attraction is a philosophy based on the principle that ‘like attracts like’. Look into your life! What kind of people are you surrounded with? What kind of things you buy? Everythings explains what kind of person you are. Because you attract people and things into your life by the way you are and you think. As James Allen said meaningfully, “You are what you think all the day long.”

How does Thinking Affect Reality?


In goneby days many western philosophers thoughts and taught that there is nothing to do with mind. All that mattered was body and oure senses. We call them empiricists.  They rules out the power and possibility of mind. Rene Descartes was a champion in it. (Cogito Ergo Sum – I think therefore I exist, He said it in different connotation though, to show the existence of the body and not of the mind.) But as the psychology and modern sciences developed philosophers gave a look into the mind. The discovery of the science and psychology  were astounding. Mind was declares as the most powerful asset any human can possess. According to differnt studies it is true that we can create our own reality. Our mind can be a bad master or a wonderful slave. It all depends on whether you master it or not.

Now coming into thinking positive thoughts. What happens in your brain when you think? The brain produces some sort of energy and it emits out of your body. In other words, we are made up of energy. What do you think makes neural communication in our bodies possible? It is electrical energy. Celebrated cell biologist and author Bruce Lipton says, “The concept is, your brain is acting as a tuning fork and the broadcast from your brain is not located in your head, so you are like a radio station. In effect you are broadcasting. Everything vibrates-energy vibrates and matter vibrates. This is where the concept of constructive interference comes in, where two vibration can tangle with each other, and both add up and both gain more power than either one alone. The purpose that e humans use when entanglement occurs in a constructive way, is ‘good vibes’.”

1312813 copy

The extreme opposite is two vibration that are resonant, meaning that they have the same waves, but they are out of phase. It is a connection but the frequencies are cancelling each other out. It is called destructive, because the power is now canelled for both the people involved. And that is called “bad vibes”. This means that wherever you are the energy is antagonistic to you and you feel weeker.

friends copy

Now you have some idea why we feel repelled or don’t like to be with some people while we enjoy spending a lot of time with some others.